About Us

Maximum Performance Solutions is dedicated to helping people of all ages and abilities increase their body's performance by identifying muscle imbalances through a posture examination.

Determining underlying imbalances allows us to provide a series of exercises that will correct the imbalance and improve the body's performance.

Originally designed to help high-level professional and collegiate athletes, MPS has now developed and implemented a program that is perfect for not only athletes, but the general population as well.

By following our exercise plans and performing the proper follow ups, we can help the body become a better performer and increase work performance, school performance, recreational abilities, enhance athletic performance and much more.

MPS was founded by Dr. Gary Fieber, a chiropractor with decades of experience in studying and identifying muscle and skeletal imbalances and correcting them. His past clients have included professional athletes from a variety of sports, highly regarded doctors and surgeons and thousands upon thousands of patients that were in need of finding pain relief.

He partnered with a marketing and web team that was capable of designing and putting together his online testing program.