Maximum Performance Solutions offers simplified testing that is easily performed by athletes, trainers, coaches, rehab specialists, HR personnel, family members or anyone else with the knowledge to work your mobile devices camera.

Our app testing program was developed and tested on some of the highest-level athletes in the world. We've tested and assisted with Olympic athletes, professional and collegiate athletes and some of the largest corporations in the world. While the program was initially designed to help professional athletes, it has proven to be an amazing tool to help prevent injuries in the workplace.

To perform a test, one simply downloads the Maximum Performance Solutions app from their Apple or Android device. Then they follow the instructions and submit four photos and one video. These submissions are received by our highly-trained professionals and reviewed. Once reviewed, a report with suggested exercises is sent to the test subject and their medical professional for review.

The suggested exercises are demonstrated in video format through the app. Once the suggested time frame of treatment/exercise is complete, a follow up test is submitted so that any other imbalances may be observed and feedback provided.

Our tests have helped lower the injury percentage for athletes, employers and the everyday person.

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