A report is generated that gives the exact information which allows the proper exercise(s) to be performed and on which side and for what duration. 

A follow – up test is performed to objectively document the improvement. You absolutely know when the imbalance has been corrected.  


The result is an athlete that has maximum muscle balance who is now able to train properly, know that they are getting the best result and, according to all experts, reduce the risk of injury and achieve Maximum Performance.


It is your decision. Give yourself THE competitive advantage.


If you compete in:

- Baseball 

- Football 

- Basketball 

- Soccer 

- Tennis 

- Lacrosse 

- Track & Field 

- Cheerleading 

- Gymnastics 

- Swimming 

- Golfing 

- Hockey 

- Dancing 

- Any other physical activity


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 It integrates Technology, Symmetry and Synergy to achieve Maximum Performance.


The Performance Edge!


With the increased attention on safety and risk of injury of today’s athletes and employees, there needs to be a better method to monitor and identify the risk factors for injuries. 


The Maximum Performance Solutions app, which is designed to test and identify imbalances in athletic performances and any restricted joint motion, is the answer to decrease the risk of injury at work and on the field..

Physical imbalances can be observed by our specialists when a test is submitted, which are then able to be properly treated. When treated properly, the risk of injury decreases and the performance increases. 

Our testing is completed in just a few moments and submitted to our team. There is no pain or stress and can be completed anywhere from your mobile devices. 


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