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Injuries to the body can happen for many reasons. Unfortunately, some injuries are due to a traumatic event and there is nothing that could have prevented it.


However, the majority of injuries are preventable and caused by overuse and deficiencies in the body's muscles.

Think about how many professional athletes that you hear about battling a hamstring or calf or quadriceps or shoulder or back injury.


In the majority of cases, these athletes are out for a few weeks due to a muscle "strain."


But what causes these strains? It's one muscle compensating for the weakness or lack of strength in another muscle.

When the stronger muscle is compensating for a weaker or less powerful muscle, then it becomes overused, overstretched and eventually is injured.

These injuries have plagued athletes of all skill levels and ages since athletics began. It's also become a common issue for employers. And until advances in technology, these was little to no way to pre-determine muscle weakness and potential injuries. With Maximum Performance Solutions, everyone now has access to testing designed for the pros!