Lower  Your Score  for less than  a  dozen  of balls!

Tired of trying new clubs, new balls, books and training videos that promise to lower your score but don't? Everyone says to lower your score you need to build muscle memory...and they're right!

What you don't know is that a small muscle imbalance affects your scores. Why don't you know? Because you're probably not a professional. 

When a pro golfer pulls out of a tournament due to injury, it's because they've realized there's a muscle imbalance affecting their swing.

Now the same technology and testing the pros use is available at your fingertips!

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"It's so easy to be skeptical when someone says there's a tool to lower your game. But after I tried the MPS App, I began making better contact and hitting shots more consistently. My report said I had a shoulder imbalance and gave me some exercises. 2 weeks later, I dropped 5 shots off my average score - and had a smoother swing! Honestly the best $4.99 I've ever spent on my game."

- Todd L., Florida

"I was already aware of a back problem and wasn't sure if this app would help. Gave it a shot, submitted an evaluation, did the exercises. I've noticed an improvement in the pain, but more importantly, it's helped me become a more consistent golfer. Thanks MPS!"

- Dave D., North Carolina

"As a country club pro, I know how important muscles are to a golfer's swing. A small tweak or imbalance can easily throw your game off. I encouraged a few of my students to test this app. After one month, they are all striking the ball more consistently, getting better distance and shaving strokes of their scores. It's amazing that this app can give someone so much information and help correct their flaws! They should be charging $40 for this technology!"

- Joe R., Pennsylvania



The Maximum Performance Solutions app is the only mobile app that allows athletes to submit evaluations that will provide results with exercises that are designed to help correct muscle imbalances and allow you to build the proper muscle memory!


After our team of sports specialists has received your evaluation, we will review your submission to determine muscle imbalances that are affecting your swing. 

Once we've reviewed your submission, we will email you your report with our findings and a list of exercises to perform. See our sample review below!


Once you have downloaded the app and registered, you can upload your evaluation to our team of experts in less than a minute.

Simply click submit, fill out the information, then take 4 photos and 1 video - all which can be done right inside the app - and submit your evaluation for review.


Once you have received your evaluation review, simply log back into the app and select the exercises tab. From here, you can watch and learn your suggested exercises right from your mobile device.

Follow the suggested exercises and repetitions, and you will notice an increase in performance and muscle memory!



Download the app now and start increasing your performance in just a matter of minutes. Click on your operating system, or simply search "Maximum Performance Solutions" in iTunes or Google Play.



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