What about the skater who “pulls her hamstring” on a jump she has done 1000 times exactly the same way?


These athletes do not even know that this muscle imbalance is present.


According to Robert Donatelli, PhD, PT, an overuse injury in sports is very common. Proper training and balancing of the muscles is absolutely of the utmost importance in preventing overuse injuries. Proper body posture is the pinnacle of muscle balance.


What if you could truly balance the right and left quadriceps, hamstring, biceps and triceps, and any other muscle for that matter? Would you be able to improve your training? Improve workouts? Improve your ability to compete and perform at a higher level with less risk of injury?

What if you could “fine tune” your body for your specific sport?

Finally, there is a technology that can determine the strength, power and endurance of each muscle group and compare them from right to left.  




The Athlete’s Performance Edge!

If you're in one of the following sports, it's time to give yourself THE competitive edge!


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- Lacrosse

- Track & Field

- Cheerleading

- Gymnastics

- Swimming

- Golfing

- Hockey

          - Dancing          

- Any Other Sport

What is the reason that basketball players miss more free throws in the 2nd half of the game?


Why does the baseball player stealing 2nd base in the 7th inning get thrown out when he didn’t

in the 1st inning when the circumstances were basically the same?


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