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"Posture dictates Performance"

Image by Jenny Hill

Remember when your teachers or parents would tell you to sit up straight?

There is a good reason for that. Posture dictates your performance. 

We're not talking about just athletes. We're talking about everyone. Your posture can affect your performance and ability to perform at work, in the class room, doing chores and on the field.

Poor posture can be caused by a number of things within the body. But with proper identification and proper exercises, your posture can quickly be restored and your body's performance will see an increase in just a few days.

Maximum Performance Solutions has created a dedicated program that is designed to identify posture problems and give you the tools to correct them. With decades of experience, our team can determine underlying issues through a simple test submission and send you back a report with the proper exercises to correct any issues.

When done with the exercises, simply resubmit another test for evaluation and we will give you the next steps.

By following our program, you can increase your body's performance in sports, at work, at home and wherever you feel that you need more energy and your body to perform better. Don't believe us? Check out this testimonial!

"For several months my daughter has been examined and monitored through Maximum Performance Solutions and she has never felt or performed better in her eleven years of sport participation.  After using their program, I was able to upload photographs and videos of my daughter to their site for review by a specialist.

Once these pictures and footage were received, a recommended course of action to correct her muscle imbalances was sent back to me by email.  The program also contains useful videos that show the proper execution of exercises to correct the imbalance of her affected body part.

 I am pleased to say that my daughter’s pain has subsided, and her workouts are more productive, which I can directly contribute to Maximum Performance Solutions involvement in my daughter’s exercise and workout routines. I would highly recommend Maximum Performance Solutions for any athlete of any age who would like to improve their own personal performance level."



How it Works

The MPS program is simple to use.

First, sign up for one of our affordable packages below. Then, login and visit the testing page of our site. Instructions to submit your tests are on that page. You will be asked to submit 5 files - 4 photos (front facing, right side facing, left side facing and rear facing) and a short video of the subject walking.

Once these files are submitted, our experts will review the files and email you back with their findings and a recommended exercise program.

Log back into our exercises page and perform the suggested exercises at the suggested intervals and duration. Once you have completed the exercise program, resubmit a test for a follow up.

It's that EASY!

Just a few minutes per day will lead you to enhanced performance where you need it most.

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